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At the moment, you cannot filter the SEO tool in any way which means that if you are using multiple domains in Enterprise you can't create SEO topics for different countries which are easy to filter. This means that you would have the same topic maybe 3 times for each country but when viewing the tool there's no way to label them in a way which allows you to know which is for which country. 


It would be great if we could include a folders system or segment by Teams for the SEO tool. 

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The Enterprise partitioning on a whole needs to be more robust to support multiple teams working across one Brand domain on different subdomains and being able to run somewhat separately and report separately and in an integrated way - for combined insights.

I would also love to have a clearer view as a super admin on enterprise what teams something is tagged to in a more robust way. Currently, you need to filter by a team to see what has been tagged to them, but in the unfiltered view, you cant see if a particular element is assigned to a team which makes it a challenge to manage.

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