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I was recently checking up on my WordPress site's SEO and found an issue coming from the HubSpot plugin's Cookie Policy consent form. For some reason, the consent text from that is showing up in our meta description for some of our pages:



Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 2.02.01 PM.png


I've already contacted our host provider (GoDaddy), and there is nothing they can do on their end to stop this from happening. The weird thing is that the text for this Cookie Policy form doesn't even show up in our source code, so there is no way for me to remove it. Please let me know if there is a solution for this. Maybe hardcoding the HubSpot tracking code(s) will prevent this as opposed to using the plugin? Just a thought.

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Jamie McNeil

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That is strange as you do have a meta description on the page.  Have you tried getitng google to reinspect your page?  In the new google search console, type the affected URL at the top, then expand the coverage section to see the last crawl date. There should be a link to request indexing of the page to see if google can re-pick up your proper meta description.