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Content Strategy LIVE Webinar

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Join myself and Gem on Thursday 12th October at 10am BST for our interactive Content Strategy LIVE webinar. 


During the session we'll be talking you through the process of building the foundations of a successful content strategy using the new HubSpot tool and giving you insight into some of the tips and tricks we've picked up whilst doing this for our clients.


You can expect to learn:

- Why focussing on topics could be the key to your content's success

- How to build your strategy

- Ways to involve the rest of your business in content creation


Simply click here to register: https://www.babelquest.co.uk/content-strategy-live

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Hey @Babel_Izzy is there a link to the recording by any chance?

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Hi @rayckay91, Great timing! I was just about to share this with the community Smiley feliz


Here's the link - https://www.babelquest.co.uk/resources/content-strategy-webinar 

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