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What should you keep in mind when creating your content , 

How can we make sure our content does more than just exist, 

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Hey @patriciamataga,


Wow...this is a big question! And to be honest, probably one that not enough people ask before they throw content out there.


I'm going to summarize my answer into as short of an answer as possible:


  • Have a really, really good understanding of your buyer (persona and journey) - I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.
  • Determine what content will actually provide value to your buyer.
  • Does that content already exist  - probably - but can you make it easier to find and better? If it's a really crowded space, it will be more difficult, but you won't get very far by creating the same content that's already consuming the first 3 pages of search results.
  • Put effort into content creation. Quality over quantity.
  • Think topical and try to plan in advance. If you haven't done research on pillar content/pillar strategies, I would suggest doing so:
  • Inspect and adapt. Look at the it working? What can be fixed? How can you optimize content that already exists?

 OK, I'm going to stop here so I don't get too long winded.


Let me know if you'd like to hop on a call to discuss further. I'd be happy to be a sounding board as you think through this.

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Q: How can we make sure our content does more than just exist?


Short A: Promote it.


Longer A:

Everything @Josh said, plus promote ... promote ... promote. We like LinkedIn for B2B promotions and, obviously, Facebook and others for B2C. But produced and promoted video content seems to do well across B2B/B2C lines, so ...


Here's just one great example of a single person producing their own video content well enough to rival the majors -- (warning ... this girl is a pro and she ROCKS LinkedIn) -- Hire Me Video (YouTube) -- earned nearly a million views on LinkedIn.


Publishing great content without promotion is like pressing the mute button on your message -- not matter how great the content is, no one gets to hear it. The Kevin Costner days of, 'if you build it, they will come' are long gone.




Hope that helps.




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Hope that helps.


Be well,

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Hi Patricia


We've actually written a blog article titled "How to be a Tech Company with a Killer Content Marketing Strategy" that I think you might be interested in. Check it out! Cat Very Happy

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Hi Patricia,


it's very difficult to answer it! I think this is the biggest question in our work!

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your content should be unique, it must solve the problem of some larger public, who is looking for solution of some specific need, target hot topics of the market search on them and do your working on it.

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That's a good question because a lot of people just create content so that it exists. In terms of actually benefiting the business in any way, most content fall short. It fails to accumulate any traffic at all and takes up space, often generating broken links, duplicate content, or just another signal to Google that's your content isn't useful.


Being intentional about contents and search engine optimization doesn't have to be super complicated. Start off with monthly or quarterly theme. What that means is that plan out a main topic that you will write about for that month. During that month, choose subtopics that you can write about. Seo keyword research is perceived to be this complicated process. But it essentially boils down to finding out what relevant keywords have search volume that can bring in business. Choose keywords that are less competitive, which are usually the ones with less search volume and more words in them, and make sure that this keywords that it is in your title and sprinkling naturally a few times in your post. Don't insert it too many times, otherwise they will look unnatural and Google penalizes that.

-With love, Will Chou
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The first question you need to ask yourself before creating any content that Is your content serving any purpose to the society? 

If the answer is yes, then create an amazing and quality content which should be unique and useful for society. While creating your content first SEO factor is making a table of content so that you can brief your content in the first 15 secs. After that continue with your content and provide purposeful information with relevant keywords. 

Creation of content is not enough unless you make it viral to the audience so Plz do basic SEO and post your content on all social media sites. 

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Hi @patriciamataga ,


In addition to the excellent advice listed by Josh and others, make sure you have a great SEO strategy in place to boost the visibility of this content. 


  • Include optimized meta descriptions, title tages, images with title text and alt text
  • Create a content cluster around this piece of cornerstone content. Create 4,5,6 topically-related, smaller pieces of content that you can link to this cornerstone piece in order to "boost" its authority.
  • leverage some of your other top performing pages and send liks from those pages to this new page, again, providing "link juice"


Hope this helps!



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