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Clarification around "Hide" SEO Recommendations

Can the "Hide" SEO Recommendation feature be leveraged as a "This is Fixed" feature?


Meaning: I mark something as "hidden," will it re-appear if the issue is not fixed, or will it always be hidden?

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Thought Leader | Partner

Clarification around "Hide" SEO Recommendations

Thanks @PamCotton , happy to help!


Hi @aweissppg, happy to help clarify how the "Hide" functionality works.


Hiding a recommendation will remove it from the view, but won't improve your SEO. Hidden recommendations will stay hidden even if you rescan your site. You can unhide recommendations at any time.


If you select multiple items and hide, it doesn't show you the prompt, but if you click one at a time it will give you more insight:



When you hide an issue, a link appears at the bottom of the page below the pagination that will let you unhide anything that's been hidden.


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Clarification around "Hide" SEO Recommendations

Hello @aweissppg, thank you for posting your question in our Community!

Let's ask our top experts about this matter @Jnix284 @danmoyle any recommendations to @aweissppg matter?

Thank you,


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