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CTA Placement for Best User Experience

We're testing a CTA above the table of contents on a cornerstone page. Just wondering if anyone has seen a positive impact from higher placed CTA's? This is a B2B audience, coming to our site looking for data strategy, which is a new-ish concept so I'm wondering if the CTA should be pushed down to ensure the user gets the information first because they likely haven't seen it anywhere else. Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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CTA Placement for Best User Experience

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CTA Placement for Best User Experience

thanks for sharing guys..

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Guide | Diamond Partner

CTA Placement for Best User Experience

Hi @marketerclaire ,

The number of CTA’s in a particular page does not matter, what all matters is its relevance with the content and the context of the page. 


Generally, you can divide the CTA placement in three folds: Starting, middle and ending. 

Hope this helps!

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CTA Placement for Best User Experience

Hi @marketerclaire!


I tend to have a minimum of 3 CTAs on any landing page I build. 

One above the fold (This is important since most people don't make it past the fold)
One in the middle of the page 
One at the bottom of the page 

Most people skim landing pages so having at least 3 CTA's helps capture leads throughout the whole page. 

It looks like you have a decent amount of CTAs below the fold which is great. 

I do think your current page would benefit from having a CTA at the top to get those leads who don't scroll pass the fold. 

I would also recommend testing out a new CTA color that intices a click. Maybe the yellow in your header menu, with a dark text color? 


Regardless, you should test it all out. Good luck! 

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Hall of Famer | Partner

CTA Placement for Best User Experience

Hi @marketerclaire,


Great page! Loving your color palette.


I'd say there's nothing wrong with the current CTA placement, it's polite and not aggressive and sometimes that's more important to not scare away the ideal customer than getting a few more lowly qualified leads.


If you however you want to experiment and see if other placements yield generally better results, I'd try placements much higher, above the fold.


This could either be up here...




... where it would obviously be conflicting with the Contact CTA. If you have a design element for secondary attention, that might make sense.


Alternatively, you could work with an anchor text CTA between the first few paragraphs: How the HubSpot Blog Generates Leads [+ How Yours Can, Too]


Whatever change you make, I'd recommend A/B testing it.


Best regards!

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