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What is the scope for Brand promotion through mediated reality, (such as augmented reality, Mixed reality or Virtual reality)? Is the idea feasible? Would it stand the cost-benefit analysis?
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Hi @meta-analytics,


Do you mind providing some additional context around what specifically you think could (or couldn't) work here? 


I found a few articles that might be of interest to you!

1. 10 brands already leveraging the power of augmented reality

2. Augmented reality marketing: three companies that have done it best


The two examples I specifically found interesting in those articles were MTV and the New York Times in the first article, and Snapchat in the second. 


I think AR opens up a new world of being able to connect to consumers and increase their involvement of the brand. Things like giving tours of tequila distilleries allow consumers to feel more connected to the brand, which in the long run, which works towards establishing the evangelist consumer, which keeps a brand growing.  


Curious to know what you think of the articles!