Bot sharing hs_preview url - can i map the url?

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I was browsing in google analytics yesterday and noticed that a blog preview url has been somehow shared and accessed by what is proabably a bot.


If i check the url against facebook graph data, the preview url has 130+ shares, whilst the live url has zero.


Is there a way to set up a url map fromt he preview url to the live url.


I tried redirecting to however it failed to redirect.


I tried every variant of the advanced settings and still had the same result


Is it that hubspot doesn't allow redirects for urls containt that query string, or am i missing something?


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Hmm, I tried to reproduce and wasn't able to acheive this either. What error message - if any - are you seeing when you set up the redirect?

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Q: Bot sharing hs_preview url - can i map the url?


Short A: Wait. What?


Longer A@matttunney, I just have tons more questions.


How are you confirming that this 'preview' URL is/was actually shared?

Did you ever share the preview URL?

Are you certain what you see isn't GA spam?

Have you seen this on any other preview URLs ever?


The implications of this are very disturbing ...

Have you reached out to HubSpot Support?


Looking forward to your response.







Please tag @MFJLabs if you'd like me to respond.


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Hope that helps.


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