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hi everyone rida here from south asia

i would like to know the job opportunities we'll get after completing social media marketing course and what payscale it offers?

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scope of marketing

Hi @Rhameed


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Completing a social media marketing course can really open up some exciting job opportunities in the marketing field. You might find yourself working as a Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Creator, or even a Community Manager.

As for the payscale, it can vary depending on where you are, your experience, and the specific role you choose. It's always a good idea to check out job listings in your area or chat with professionals in the industry to get a better idea. 🙂




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scope of marketing

Hi @Rhameed you could also try using AI to learn more about the payscale in your region - Google's Gemini returned good results for the U.S., hopefully you can get a better sense for what to expect in your area!

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