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promptsaihub on July 18, 2024
I'm excited to announce the launch of my new startup, Prompts AI Hub ! Our platform offers a diverse collection of prompts for ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing AI chat, along with free AI tools to enhance your AI interactions. read more
July 20, 2024 10:14
This is awesome. Congratulations!
ISAACPRO on July 17, 2024
Is there anyone that can put me through on how to learn website copywriting
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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 17, 2024 04:41
Hey @ISAACPRO the HubSpot academy has a wealth of great courses I'd recomend taking a look into! There's one here for business writing which more
AMohammed04 on July 14, 2024
Hi, I am Ali, a college student doing my bachelor's degree in marketing. How can I improve my copywriting skills to write better ad copies, for social media marketing?
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Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
July 17, 2024 09:21
Hi @AMohammed04 and welcome to the Community! Way to go, continuing your education. And you're doing something right now that many don't - asking more
oRuth66 on July 12, 2024
Hello, I'm new here 👋 I need help on how to get started as a B2B Saas content writer. What are the necessary steps to take? What are the things to tell a client to get started with work? Who are your target audience? What best platform can your bu read more
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4 Replies
July 19, 2024 03:57
Whoa! I'm new here as well, so I appreciate the warm welcome, @danmoyle and the detailed advice! @oRuth66 becoming a B2B SaaS more
nikkiagarcia on July 09, 2024
Hi everyone! My name is Nikki and I am here to learn how to improve the content I publish across my social networks and my website. I am a content writer, as well as a content creator on Instagram. My page is dedicated to language learning. I teach read more
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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
July 15, 2024 04:36
Glad I could help 😊 Wishing you all the best on your journey!
Jchinagu on July 09, 2024
To improve my content creation process,I will have to define my target audience and develop a clear and consistent strategy that can resonate with them. I will organize a content calendar,create a workflow and focus on continuously improving and eng read more
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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
July 10, 2024 09:52
Hey @Jchinagu , improving your content creation process is a great way to enhance your engagement and effectiveness. Here are some best more
COvie on June 26, 2024
I will improve my content creation process by developing a clear strategy, using a content calendar, streamlining production, collaborating effectively, focusing on quality, measuring performance, continuously improving, and engaging with my audienc read more
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Hall of Famer | Elite Partner
June 26, 2024 19:38
This is a really good plan to improve your content creation process @COvie , thank you for sharing it with the community!
KerryGrenier on June 26, 2024
Hi: New here to the Hubspot Content Marketing Group but have been in this industry for over 10 years. Looking forward to learning how Hubspot automates marketing, enables customer relationship building and manage social media. Thank you! Kerr read more
Hall of Famer | Elite Partner
June 26, 2024 21:55
Welcome to the community and the study group @KerryGrenier , happy you're here! The community is a great place to meet others, and also share more
shravanich03 on June 26, 2024
I am very excited and thrilled to dive into the world of content marketing! I hope to build fantastic connections with people through this community.
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June 26, 2024 17:47
Hello. my name is Mary m. o oris i feel excited to be here, to learn more
EMadamba on June 26, 2024
Hey guys! I'm so excited to learn about content marketing with HubSpot!!!
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June 26, 2024 09:46
LaeCook30 on June 25, 2024
Hello how is everyone ! I am aspring to learn about digital marekting, become certified and open up my own business.
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June 26, 2024 06:55
FTijani on June 25, 2024
Hello everyone, My name is Funmi. I am a marketing executive with specialty in business writing. Here to learn more from my fellow writers.
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Community Manager
June 25, 2024 19:25
Hey @FTijani , Welcome to the Content Marketing Study Group! It's great to have you here. With your expertise in business writing, I'm more
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