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RohanSondhiya on February 24, 2024
I am rohan, a management student
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RNavarro67 on February 22, 2024
I've been working with content marketing for over 10 years, and the most important thing here is: never stop learning!
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February 23, 2024 08:18
I would say: segmentation strategies and accounts targeting, mmm probably us marketers are a little less enthusiastic about SEO (it works!, but when more
Bryan99 on February 21, 2024
Hello, Nice to see you all. I'm a new member of this group, please guide me to your experiences and how to start thinking. Thank you all, Have a nice day.
Recognized Expert | Platinum Partner
February 21, 2024 09:48
Hi @Bryan99 , Here's where I'd start: Research your audience - what types of content do they want to read about, get topic ideas, more
Kna81 on February 21, 2024
Hye I am Khadija, Good to see you all I am working like a content writer and data entry,blogger on different platforms inform me How I create more engaging content about any platform Regards Khadija
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Community Manager
February 21, 2024 17:21
Hey @Kna81 , thank you for posting in our Community! It's great to hear about your passion for content writing and blogging! Creating more
Raihan_Mahmood on February 20, 2024
Hello everyone, I'm Raihan. I have been working as an SEO content writer and copywriter for more than two years. I want to expand my expertise as a content strategist. Would you be kind enough to give me a guideline or some suggestions on how to im read more
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February 20, 2024 12:21
Got it. Thanks a lot
KStiller on February 19, 2024
Hello everyone, My name is Kyle and I am excited to collaborate with you all. Just as a brief introduction, I am currently working as a marketing manager for an auto glass and tinting company. We earned abut 3.2 mil this last year. I am actively wor read more
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Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
February 19, 2024 16:30
Hi @KStiller Thanks for the detailed overview, happy to share a few ideas/insights for building your email audience. You might try a more
hvrshvll on February 16, 2024
Hello everyone, I am Harshal, the founder of Maxtica Media. I have been working in marketing for four years and have decided to broaden my knowledge and skills to improve my campaigns.
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Community Manager
February 16, 2024 17:13
Hey @hvrshvll , welcome to our HubSpot Community! Congratulations on founding Maxtica Media, and kudos on your commitment to expanding your more
EDavid6 on February 15, 2024
Hi everyone, am EVERLINE DAVID am new to marketing content and am looking forward to seeing you all.
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Community Manager
February 15, 2024 17:14
Hey @EDavid6 Welcome! It's great to have you join us in the HubSpot world. We're all here to support each other, so if you have any more
DarrenRoss on February 14, 2024
Hi guys, I just created my blog website. I have not put any money into the website yet(regarding marketing). But I want to start using some tools that will help me get my website to readers. Are there any free tools I can use that will help boos read more
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February 20, 2024 05:34
Hello @DarrenRoss Blog is a kind of content that contains detailed information. If you want to promote it organically, there is a concept called more
sasindu_lk on February 10, 2024
Using ChatGPT to learn about digital marketing can be a helpful way to gain insights, ask questions, and clarify concepts. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can leverage ChatGPT for learning digital marketing : Ask General Question read more
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Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
February 11, 2024 08:41
This is a great list of prompts @sasindu_lk , I especially like the idea to request practical examples - will have to try it out!
AUllah00 on February 10, 2024
Hello everyone. After working in the Humanitarian and development sector for moe than a decade, I want to try my luck in the field of digital marketing. Icame across during my initial esearch. i'm glad to join the content marketing group read more
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February 10, 2024 13:13
Welcome to the community
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