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leemo on March 29, 2023
Hi! I'm Solo from South Africa. I'm a commerce student and I'm here to expand my knowledge on digital marketing.
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danesampayan on March 28, 2023
Hi! I'm new here and I'm currently taking up the Content Marketing course. I'm going to shift careers but I have 0% idea where to start! 😭 Studying should be the first step but I'm afraid I'll be wasting all these lessons and materials because co read more
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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
March 29, 2023 07:49
Hi @danesampayan and welcome to the HubSpot Community! Cheers to you for being hungry to learn. That's the first key: Curiosity. Being curious and more
CJoseph-Nelson on March 28, 2023
Hello all, my name is Cordell and I hope to learn a lot on Hubspot about content marketing!
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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
March 29, 2023 07:57
Welcome to the community @CJoseph-Nelson ! Academy is a great place to spend some time. And this group of course 😊
HaileyNguyen on March 14, 2023
Hello everyone, My name is Hailey, a newbie total newbie in content marketing. Since we're all here, how about networking and helping each other create their very first public content? I would love to create a little hand on experiece for people read more
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March 27, 2023 10:50
Hey! Thank you for reaching out. However, the team has been filled. Next time!
aallie on March 12, 2023
At this point in time , I just started the Content Marketing Course and I am enjoying it so much thus far. I just arrived on the buyers journey stages and I am struggling to understand the 'consideraion stage' and basically all the other stages of t read more
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March 20, 2023 06:40
Thank you Clara, its very clear Big up
ParthVyas on February 28, 2023
Didn't understand it clearly
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Community Manager
February 28, 2023 04:49
Hi @ParthVyas , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Is there anything specific about the content strategy that you're interested more
GJonguitud on February 26, 2023
Hello Everyone! I hope this is not a dumb question, but I would like some extra help input on the SEO Authority Audit W/S. May someone explain to me how it should be done? Appreciate the help!
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March 12, 2023 23:22
Hi everyone, I have a question can i rank website that did not written by myself and without Wordpress and how?
Pratiksha_Ray on February 14, 2023
In this module, it was said that Passive voice makes it boring. Can anyone give me an example for explaining how is it boring? Thanks in advance! Pratiksha Ray
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February 27, 2023 05:20
Very good example. Thanks for sharing.
klmontgomery80 on February 09, 2023
Hello content comrades! I come seeking your thoughts on my quandary. I've been managing our two blogs at my company for the last few years. While they both serve the same audience, they target different journey segments. One is entirely reputation-l read more
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February 14, 2023 14:31
Hi Dan, thank you for your reply! To answer your question about why we're considering it - it actually stemmed from my manager, who leads content more
klmontgomery80 on February 08, 2023
Greetings content marketers! I'm an executive manager of marketing content at an edtech company in Boston. Curious if anyone in like roles feels like their employability is threatened by the burgeoning ChatGPT phenomenon. My husband just used it to read more
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March 04, 2023 19:54
I found that AI works well for information that's easily searchable and digestible, already available online. I have to author technical, highly more
Pratiksha_Ray on February 02, 2023
I just read about the content and event-based audit. Just curious. Content and event-based audit is done first and then The content creation framework is done right? Also how about adding the "lifecycle stage" to the content creation framework read more
2 Replies
February 23, 2023 08:57
Hi @Pratiksha_Ray what an intersting comment you made about content.- and event - based autidt. I'd love to learn more about this topic too.
Pratiksha_Ray on February 01, 2023
So there were two topics that were taught: Golden circle and Elements of storytelling. Both seem similar in the sense both are needed for effective storytelling but yet they are different concepts. As taught, "Why" is the first thing one should do read more
2 Replies
February 02, 2023 21:51
Hello Betreff! Thanks a lot! I will be waiting.
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