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abbywillig on November 30, 2022
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BElisabeth on November 21, 2022
I'm working on networking and learning new skills so that I can start a career as a Content Writer.
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November 29, 2022 04:35
@AGiltner j'aimerais en savoir plus sur les objectifs écrasants et quelle est la méthode plus récente dont vous parlez ?
kara_susvilla on November 16, 2022
Have you heard? HubSpot Video has exciting new features that make it easy to host, distribute, and measure the success of your marketing videos – all within HubSpot. Available for those with Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, or Service Hub Profession read more
SJha1 on November 15, 2022
Hey, Everyone! Would you like to connect on Linkedin? It will help us to grow mutually. Here's my Linkedin ID - shubham-jha-2b7360167 Waiting for you all there. Just drop a Hi in my DM when you connect.
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November 20, 2022 06:54
AMarquez on November 13, 2022
Hey guys, Is there anyone out there that can provide some critic on my new blog draft? read more
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November 16, 2022 06:21
In general, the article looks pretty good.
Stevemcc27 on November 09, 2022
Hey there I was wondering if there was any people out there looking to possibly connect and discuss digital marketing in general. I currently do a digital marketing apprenticeship and would love to talk to some people that work within the industry t read more
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Recognized Expert | Partner
November 11, 2022 04:51
Hi @Stevemcc27 happy to connect also, The community is a great place to start a thread on a topic, more
LSIM on October 31, 2022
Hello Guys, My name is Letheshia, I'm so excited to be here and can't wait to be apart of the conversation. Guys, just went through the content marketing course and is ready and excited to write my first pillar page, however I'm a little confuse read more
8 Replies
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
November 03, 2022 11:30
Sometimes we just need brainstorming partners, @LSIM 😊 Happy to have helped!
ANyamekye on October 30, 2022
Hello am new here and a student from Ghana and i want to learn I hope I am in the right place. Andrews is my name
3 Replies
November 03, 2022 05:22
Hello everyone, my name is Dammy from Nigeria. I'm so excited to be here and look forward to learning from you all.
SJune on September 16, 2022
Hey my fellow great marketers, I'm Mark from Germany and so so happy to be amongst you cool guys. Literally I feel like break-dancing, but can't really do the moon walk from the all time greatest Jacko. So, I have a situation. My former employe read more
3 Replies
September 22, 2022 02:00
why dont we connect on linknd ?
RJaglan on September 09, 2022
Map content & content assets to your customer journey. From "the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel" Example: Guides/Checklist works in B2B TOP and videos work in B2C! Identify metrics needed to prove the value of your marketing s read more
October 31, 2022 02:26
Thanks for the insight
RJaglan on September 08, 2022
If you post an insane amount of content, it will be boring, tedious, tiring and most of the time it will produce no result. But you'll learn way more about why it's not producing results because of the quantity of content. You make better dec read more
3 Replies
November 02, 2022 07:29
Agreed. Consistency is key.
theaayushgaur on September 08, 2022
I'm aayush, a content writer. I want to write better content for my clients which will go on their blogs. Can anybody give any tips for writing unique and never seen before content. Thanks, Aayush
8 Replies
November 02, 2022 20:10
maybe u have a best tools .. for this i always use semrush template content.. this can search ur content is duplicate or not.. maybe this help more
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