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RJaglan on September 09, 2022
Map content & content assets to your customer journey. From "the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel" Example: Guides/Checklist works in B2B TOP and videos work in B2C! Identify metrics needed to prove the value of your marketing s read more
October 31, 2022 02:26
Thanks for the insight
RJaglan on September 08, 2022
If you post an insane amount of content, it will be boring, tedious, tiring and most of the time it will produce no result. But you'll learn way more about why it's not producing results because of the quantity of content. You make better dec read more
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November 02, 2022 07:29
Agreed. Consistency is key.
theaayushgaur on September 08, 2022
I'm aayush, a content writer. I want to write better content for my clients which will go on their blogs. Can anybody give any tips for writing unique and never seen before content. Thanks, Aayush
8 Replies
November 02, 2022 20:10
maybe u have a best tools .. for this i always use semrush template content.. this can search ur content is duplicate or not.. maybe this help more
JenD on July 22, 2022
I've been with my current company for about 9 months. And historically, when there is a company announcement/news, they will create a news article and blog post. The copy is almost 100% verbatim and both pieces of content will exist on our website ( read more
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Guide | Gold Partner
August 01, 2022 07:04
@JenD HubSpot allows you to assign canonical URLs for duplicate content, find more info here
Roynal on July 06, 2022
We recently sat down and had a conversation with the content marketing manager at Kixie about his company and what it means to be in the world of content marketing. Jasper Benson-Sulzer was excited to tell us about this role at Kixie read more
5 Replies
July 17, 2022 04:43
kara_susvilla on June 06, 2022
Hi Content Marketing Study Group members! 👋 I had the awesome opportunity to attend ContentTECH Summit in person last week, and wanted to share a few insights from the conference in hopes to spark inspiration ✨ or conversation 💬 . read more
December 16, 2022 13:43
Wow, these takeaways are insightful, thanks for sharing @kara_susvilla . if you don't mind, can you shed more light on this point ⬇️ more
kara_susvilla on May 18, 2022
Having to pivot your content strategy has become pretty common among media planners this past year. But despite all that turbulence, 62% of media planners say their content performed better than their goals in 2021. HubSpot pulled toge read more
May 19, 2022 14:16
This is quite interesting.
kara_susvilla on April 08, 2022
Hey there marketers! We have a brand new HubSpot Academy lesson just for you: Delighting Customers With Content Marketing. 🎉 This lesson will teach you how to develop a content marketing strategy focused on delighting your custo read more
April 25, 2022 05:44
I love the course. It is enlightening
kara_susvilla on March 24, 2022
Customer delight is the process of exceeding a customer's expectations to create a positive experience with your brand. Most marketers focus on strategies that attract and engage leads, but others are taking their marketing to the next le read more
Inbound Professor
January 23, 2023 16:34
Great example @JenD ! And bonus points for sharing an example of one of their emails. VIP programs are great ways to delight customers. 🙂
kara_susvilla on February 02, 2022
Publishing new content consistently can be challenging. If you're often working solo, it's easy to lose momentum before you reach the finish line. Luckily, this community can provide the inspiration and support you need to launch that new piece of c read more
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February 16, 2022 10:41
@CSkaggs id love to read a post once they are completed!
fab5freddy on February 02, 2022
I don’t consider myself a professional copy writer, but I do consider it part of my marketing job. And really enjoy writing and reading on topics. However my boss points out that I have a budget of 2 hours for each article of 500-1000 words. (He wan read more
10 Replies
August 13, 2022 07:06
What matters more to rank your blog on google ? Long articles or engaging articles.
kara_susvilla on January 21, 2022
Hey content marketing study group members, I would love your input! Content marketing is often used to attract and engage leads, but there's also a huge opportunity to implement content strategies to delight customers. That's why I'm exc read more
Inbound Professor
January 25, 2022 09:43
Thanks for the recommendation @DavidDennison ! Is there a particular piece of content they've published or a strategy they've implemented that more
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