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Recently Started Content Marketing Certification

Hey Everyone,


I just started the content creation marketing course. So far, I've been able to nurture my understanding on how to provide a solution or educate your audience through storytelling. I have yet to finish the course, but so far it has given me everything I was looking for. A thorough explanation through videos, as well as a workbook with excercises related to the topics you're learning about. Im looking forward to checking out the Digital Marketing course once I am finished with the content creating. My question to you guys is, what inspired you to pursue the marketing industry?

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Recently Started Content Marketing Certification

Hey there. I am a newbie. I have always been thirsty for becoming a writer, but never had time for it. Now I want to brush up on my knowledge of marketing. And I found content marketing would be the best way to start over Which can serve my passion in the long run.


Recently Started Content Marketing Certification


Thought Leader | Elite Partner
Thought Leader | Elite Partner

Recently Started Content Marketing Certification

@JD0 keep up the good work and consistency in your journey! 


To answer your question on why I wanted to pursue marketing, I go back to where I was professionally at the time. 


In 2007/2008, I was working in TV news as a produce - the writer of the newscast. I'd done photojouirnalism, multimedia journalism (podcasting before it was called that), tape editing, and writing. I was seeing how storytelling and social media were becoming intertwined in this world. I was also seeing how companies were in need of PR folks and marketing people with my skills. 


Unfortunately, most companies around me required at least a bachelor's degree (I have an associate's). Fortunately, not every leader is that focused on tradition. A guy named Mark Jones, co-owner of a mortage company, had read the book Inbound Marketing from Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan. 


In that book, there's a line that almost word for word says, "If you want to get into this new marketing, don't hire a traditional marketer. Hire someone like a TV news producer." 


One of Mark's executive leaders, Sandra, knew me and invited me to apply. The rest, they say, is history. 


Did my answer help? Please "mark as a solution" to help others find answers. Plus I really appreciate it!

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Recently Started Content Marketing Certification

This is a great question @JD0!


I wanted to invite a couple of group members to this conversation: 

Hi @cukadike@KUmeh@jackpercy@DigitalMarket1@KChapman369, would you like to share what inspired you to pursue the marketing industry? 


Mia, Community Team

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Recently Started Content Marketing Certification

I started pursuing this industry because as a Holistic Health Coach,
Artist, and more, so I need to understand fully what it is I am
getting into and once I figure out my flow and systems it will enable me to
train and hire people to take over tasks and roles I can no longer dedicate
my time to and I'll know I trained them the right ways to do the flow-while
being open to improvements.

Also, I want to be able to offer the skills and experience I earn along the
way as a service to others, Creating and serving others in an impactful way
brings me joy, so might as well make extra money with it to support my main
passion projects.