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One of the best ways to learn content marketing is by implementing strategies and sharing ideas with other marketers, just like you.

That’s why we’re so excited to create this community of content marketers to learn and grow better together!

To get started, say hello and introduce yourself. Here are some questions to help you get started:


  • What's your current role?
  • What industry do you currently work in?
  • What excites you most about content marketing?
  • Do you have a favorite blog, podcast, video series, or newsletter that you would recommend to other content marketers?
  • Any new content that you’re working on right now?
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Hi everyone! Im Quynh. Im a beginner when it comes to content marketing. I have create content for my Instagram mainly and I want to learn how to become better at creating content. 


Hey there, this will certainly be an awesome learning journey for me. I have heard of content marketing as a skill and subject however this will be my first step towards learning it. 

I work with Swarovki and manage trade marketing, recently I have developed an interest in understanding the digital side of marketing and i am thankful to have a joined a wonderful platform like this. 


Looking forward to an amazing learning spree. 


Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you all.

My name is Tyler Daguay, and I am excited to be part of the HubSpot Community!


I recently moved back home to Hawaii, after spending five years teaching in Japan. Currently, I am working as a Marketing Director at my Mother's newly formed Nonprofit Organization called Red Apple Foundation. 

Though I have zero experience in the digital world, I am eager to learn about content marketing (here on HubSpot) as a foundation towards leading our Nonprofit to success!


Also, really excited to interact with you all in the future! 🙂 


Hi everyone! I'm Victoria, and I'm currently a freelance legal content writer. I write for legal marketing agencies, law firms, legal tech companies, legal publications, and other businesses. I want to gain more skills to progress from writing only to offering more services or maybe going in house in the future. 


Hi there!

My name is Makenzie.😊 I am so excited to be a part of this community and to learn from all of you!


Business Development Executive
IT- Services
Increasing sales


Hi everyone! I'm Kinnea Amber. 🙂

Current role? Content Specialist (SEO)
What industry? Delivery Service
What excites you the most about content marketing? The wide varieties of areas we can touch & find beauty in it! Creating content that has an impact to people is what excites me the most!
Fave Podcast: Adulting With Joyce Pring
New Content: I'm working on SEO right now, still learning the basics and finding my way into it!


Hi everyone! My name is Mikee and I am currently a Writer/Application Editor for an education management company based in Markham, ON, Canada. I help local and international students attend their dream postgraduate programs/universities by writing engaging and persuasive personal statements! 


  • What excites you most about content marketing? During the pandemic, I chose to open my own online stationery shop which has provided me the opportunity to engage with individuals and communities through art. As I am new to this journey, I do not know much about content marketing yet; however, from what I have been learning so far (and in the introduction video of the course), what excites me most are the planning stages! I love brainstorming ideas of what story to tell and how to say it. My shop's name, This Is A Story, makes perfect sense because of this! 😍
  • Do you have a favorite blog, podcast, video series, or newsletter that you would recommend to other content marketers? I am not familiar with the resources available for content marketers, hence why I am here ready to learn from what others recommend! 🙂 
  • Any new content that you’re working on right now? Yes! For about a month, I worked on creating art for my shop. Over the past week, I tried my hand at creating a 'pre-launch' campaign for my new products (POSTCARDS!) which sparked my interest in learning more about content marketing! Currently, I'm working on improving my engagement with others! 🙂

I look forward to connecting with you!!


Hi, I am an intern persuing a degree in Advertising Management. I am Happy to be here


Hie All

I am Munashe a consultant in international trade focusing on EMEA and Apac Countries. I am here to learn and share with others how to get my blog started


Hi everyone I'm Tico and I'm 22. I'm a freelancer working as a virtual assistant, voice-over actor, and graphic designer. I am eager to learn more about content marketing as I would like to harness my skill in the social media world. Content marketing plays a big role here so as young as I am, I would like to build my knowledge and improve myself, in that way, I will be able to grow my career as a virtual assitant who specializes in social media management. I am also trying to build my Instagram so I may be able to use it to generate income in the future. This is my first time on HubSpot so I am still trying to get the hang of it but I will surely stick around. My favorite podcast is anything by Rob Dial and I recommend listening to him before you start your day or when you're driving to work 🙂


Hi, I am Jyoti from India

I am a tech writer with a curious mind. I spend time in learning, reading to broaden my knowledge base. So, here I am learning content marketing from HubSpot Academy.


Hello, I'm Tu Anh and I'm a freshman at an economic universuty majored in Marketing. I have not had any working experience but I found my strength in writing. And that's the reason why I want to learn content makerting which might both help me to develop my major at school and improve my strongpoint. 

Thank you so much for this useful course!

Hello, I’m Odinaka Ndukwe. I’m a content writer transitioning into a content marketer. What excites me about content marketing would be all the research and reading I have to do so I can put them into simple, meaningful and helpful content for people. It surprisingly excites me! I consume a lot of content from Copyblogger.

Currently, I’m working on editing, updating and optimizing articles on my blog. I recently also changed my niche and I want to start publishing blog post related to that. BTW, I’m a human relationship & behaviour blogger!

It’s nice to be in this community. I hope to learn a lot from others and to connect and network with people as well.


Hi there,

I'm Enoch, a small business manager from France. Also an eager learner of Sales and Marketing best practices, mainly through Hubspot blogposts and live events. 

I'm looking forward to chat with anyone interested in technology and its different use-cases in Marketing operations.





Hi Mike here, 

New to the group but very happy to be here , I look forward to learning a lot about content marketing. 

I really appreciate all of you here and hope to interact with some of ya. 


Hello everyone!
My name is Rendi, currently i am working as marketing leader at consulting company in Indonesia. I want to improve my knowledge about marketing strategy, specially in content marketing area. I hope i'll gain a lot off knowledges and experiences in this comunity. Thank you, Terimakasih!


Hello everyone!

The fact that I love writing arousing content has inspired me to join this great group. I'm hoping to benefit a lot from the fellow team members as I am new to this group. Thanks!

Hello CMiano,
We equally hope to benefit alot from u too.

Hey  guys! I am Melanie but you can call me Mel.I am a developer, i work with Caasitech Group, what excites me about content marketing is the fact that you have to speak the audience language.I am excited to be a part of y'all and hopefully i learn more from you guys.


Hi Everyone,

I am Imoh Essiet. I am currently a social media specialist, working in the Fintech Industry in Nigeria. Well, I am excited about the fact that content marketing can be summarized as storytelling that is compelling enough to attract, engage and convert a targetted audience - This feels to me like magic. So, I am simply here to learn how to make this magic happen effortlessly while connecting and being inspired by the amazing members of this community.