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Need your thoughts!

Hey all! As fellow content marketing pros, I'd love to get your perspectives on a couple of things for anyone who'd like to share:


1. For blog posts, what do you believe is an acceptable amount of quoted content? (to be specific, content sourced from other locations and set in quotation marks with the source cited). Is there a percentage that comes to mind? 0%? 10%? And any credible sources that have provided a perspective on the subject? I'm coming up blank in my own online search.


2. If there was a passage from another blog post on your/your company's website that you'd like to use in a new blog post, would you quote it directly and crosslink to the existing post? Or would you paraphrase the content and crosslink to the existing post?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Need your thoughts!

Hey there! These are great questions. Here's my take:


1. Regarding the acceptable amount of quoted content in blog posts, it really depends on the context and purpose of your post. Generally, it's good practice to keep direct quotes to a minimum to maintain originality and avoid potential issues with copyright infringement. Aim for around 0-10% quoted content, but again, this can vary based on your specific needs. Unfortunately, there isn't a widely cited percentage guideline for this, as it often comes down to individual discretion and the nature of the content being quoted.


2. When referencing a passage from another blog post on your or your company's website, it's generally best to paraphrase the content rather than directly quoting it. This not only helps in maintaining originality but also adds value by presenting the information in a fresh perspective. However, it's essential to ensure that you accurately represent the original idea and provide proper attribution through crosslinking to the existing post. This way, you acknowledge the source while also directing readers to additional relevant content.

Ultimately, the key is to find a balance between using external sources to enrich your content and maintaining your own unique voice and perspective.


Hope this helps, and I'm eager to hear other perspectives on these questions!



Need your thoughts!

1. Acceptable Quoted Content in Blog Posts

A reasonable guideline for quoted content in blog posts is about 10-15% of
the total content. This balance ensures the majority of your post is
original, with quotes enhancing rather than dominating.

Precise percentages for acceptable quotes aren't specified by academic or
professional organizations, but the emphasis is on adding value and
properly citing sources.

2. Reusing Content from Another Blog Post

When reusing content from another post on your website, you have two main

Quoting Directly and Crosslinking: Best for preserving the impact of the
original wording, with a clear citation and a link to the original post.

Paraphrasing and Crosslinking: Ideal for integrating information more
seamlessly into new content, while still linking back to the source for
depth and SEO benefits.

Both methods are effective, depending on your goal, but always include a
link to the original content to offer readers further insight and enhance

Need your thoughts!


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Need your thoughts!

Hey there @KMontgomery80. Interesting question here. 


I don't think there's a hard number on what I would quote with attribution. But I'd look at less than 25% as a good place to start with a maximum. More than that and it feels like you're just copying and trying to pass it off as your own. However, it really depends on each situation. Sometimes just a small quote is plenty. Other times more detailed content works. 


As for point two, I've definitely quoted and internally linked. It's usually just a line or two, again trying to give new information with a reference, rather than a huge recap and quote. 


That's my two cents 😊


Did my answer help? Please "mark as a solution" to help others find answers. Plus I really appreciate it!

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Need your thoughts!

Hey @KMontgomery80, thank you for posting in our Community!


When incorporating content from another blog post on your/your company's website into a new post, the decision to quote directly or paraphrase depends on the context and the specific passage you're referring to. If the passage is integral to your discussion and quoting it directly enhances the clarity or impact of your message, then quoting with proper attribution and crosslinking to the existing post would be appropriate.


I want to invite our top experts @danmoyle @sasindu_lk any recommendations for @KMontgomery80 matter?


Thank you,


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