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Is fundamentals of marketing dead or alive?

As each company focuses their marketing efforts on traditional and now a day’s digital marketing, it is easy to forget the marketing basics. It is important to have a good traditional and digital marketing capability, but if your company can’t pass basic marketing 101, then it will be close to impossible to master the skills that will take you to the top level.

Digital Marketing Technique keeps changing to reach people but basics never changed.

It is important know the ground rule before doing the marketing, marketing starts way before the products launched, create a product or service that is required by customers, understand the needs of customers, identify the problems faced customers and find the solution. To understand the customer mindsets one must interact with customers.


Here are the marketing basics you need to know:

  • Outline your “why” — what makes you different (product/service)
  • Know your weaknesses in addition to your strengths
  • Write relevant content (not just lots of it, but to attract customer and know how customers are feeling about the brand)
  • Do Research, not hunches, should define your strategy
  • Segment your audience into groups
  • Understand your competition’s strengths
  • Show, don’t tell

Marketing based on science, not on creativity, marketing starts way before creating a product; it starts with understanding the customer and customer needs so well that leads to creating a product that fits.

Sending a right message to right customer at right time, marketing is not just about selling the products, it also about the keeping existing customer happy (maintain relationship) by communicating with them so that they are customers for life.

Let me walk you through a small case study of John,

John is blacksmith who has family and living in some town in America. He have established a blacksmith business in the town. However, he decided to move out from the town with whatever available money with him and he keeps travelling to west. Camping with family, learning new things etc. were the activities while traveling.
On a sunny day he was out of his camp looking towards the farmers who were ploughing their fields and facing the problems of soil is sticking to iron plough and they have to remove it every time, john understand that the farmers are facing problems while doing the ploughing.
He starts doing his research and interacted with so many farmers in the area to understand the problems, he found that soil is sticky and it is sticking to the iron only he found that steel could be the good alternative component for it. He reshaped the blade, paying great attention to the exact curvatures of the tool. In the dirt, it was a first-of-its-kind and huge success in short period.
From this single innovation to build a huge business and keep refining the product itself. With the help of research, customer feedback, and time-tested hard work, John’s business was booming all over the America. He started publishing magazine called the furrows, which has complete details on farm equipment’s and machineries and innovation for farmers, and it is continue for farmers after 100 years through digitally. Farmers are reading this magazine to get information.
Here he applied the basic knowledge of marketing, to promote his products he started giving them free of cost information and in return farmers started trusting his brand and products, it is one of the reason behind building the strong brand This Company is now more 100-year-old doing well good in their field of work. This was the story of John Deere the founder of John Deere Company.
This small case study can tell you about basics of marketing, importance of communication skills, product innovation, and market research, customer feedbacks.


Personal Branding

One can develop a personal brand by identifying the niche and targeting the niche effectively.

Become a leader in the category in which you want to do the personal branding, people remember only the first one or two so, one has to work according from selecting a category to become category leader.

To become personal brand, start sharing quality content, good services and products.


Traditional marketing

Communication is unlimited but cannot be personalized,

Conversion rate is low but once mass trust created, it can fly high.

One cannot do the deep marketing in traditional

Dose not drive natural sales, most of the advertisement on TV, radio, Newspaper, Magazines, billboards etc.

New era of marketing started in early 90 when internet got popular and development of World Wide Web started.

Digital Marketing

Reach is more

Mass trust can be create through conversations and communications

Scientific advertising

One can create personal brands

Direct response marketing

It is design for elicit and instant response by encouraging the audience, prospects can take specific action as per the requirements.

Examples: traditional marketing Late night TV commercial advertisement with phone number to order a product, newspaper advertisement with contact no.

Digital marketing an advertisement on a webpage leading to landing pages with leads confirming the sales, link of a product leading conversion of sales from the emails

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing is a method of engaging customers and prospects with your company or brand that combines all parts of marketing communications to work together and assist the customer along their journey of awareness to loyalty and advocacy.

Paid Advertising

Include pay per click ads on search engines, social media platforms, display ads in publications other websites, video advertising ad rolls, native advertising videos and blogs, influencer advertising and text ads.

Email Marketing

This method if used properly can keeps your brand top of mind and provides valuable information to your target audience.

Developing content

Audience first. Short & sweet, interesting, funny, helpful, etc

Start with a hook (questions, tips, lists, “pain” words)

Ways to build and engage your list

Promise, deliver, and then ask

Incentivize/give something in return


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimizing content of a website and messages to assist search engines in understanding your customers, locations, products, and service, if a website placed on 1st few pages of search engine over ninety percent of search visit comes from first two pages

Social Media

It is one of the most used thing currently for digital marketing as the user no. are high and reach also, one can track the whole activity of product and service offered through social media.

Sell and Convert

All the above activities done for sell and convert the customer into continues buyer.

While learning the digital marketing, it is important to understand the marketing fundamentals, which helps you throughout the journey of digital marketing; from the case study of Mr. John Deere, we can understand the basics of marketing, importance of communication skills, product innovation, and market research, customer feedbacks. In addition, content funnel (CATT). Moreover, the trend is changing from traditional to digital but marketing basics are the same. Every marketer has same goal is to convert a customer into a lifetime buyer. How can one achieve this by marketing only but we need to dig deep to understand the customers’ needs and work accordingly to find out our niche to sustain and survive in this competitive market. Let’s see how can one find out niche next article.

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Is fundamentals of marketing dead or alive?

Thanks for sharing @AkshayDhone - certainly an interesting read. It reminded me of an older, but still very relevant piece from Field & Binet (published by the IPA) on The Long and Short of It. I highly recommend it as an empirical take on where and how 'traditional' and 'new' media channels can come together for great success.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Is fundamentals of marketing dead or alive?

What an interesting read, very insightful! Thank you for sharing @AkshayDhone!



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Is fundamentals of marketing dead or alive?

Thank you and stay tuned for more marketing article's