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How to start a successful blog?

Hello everyone my name is Elijah, I'm transitioning careers right now and I'm trying to learn digital marketing starting with content marketing. I started a blog as far as picking a hosting provider and domain name. Does anyone have advice/tips on things that would help a beginner like best themes for a blog?

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How to start a successful blog?

Congratulations on starting a new adventure in your career.

Blog writing has evolved with time. Earlier it was more about conversation
and mow its a mix of conversation & SEO.

Try this. Next time you are writing a blog make sure to write it in a
conversational tone but also to provide some value to your readers. There
should be a solution in your blog.

Moreover, as natural as it might be to come to write lengthy blogs, readers
have now become more choosy in terms of length and time spent reading. An
800-word blog with enough keywords and backlinks is good enough. Yes,
you'll have to learn about Keywrod use and backlinking too, but that can
come a bit later.

Try headlines that are attention grabbing and also have the following
1 definite number in case of listicles (8 Ways to....)
1 Power word (Amazing, Undiscovered, Hidden etc)
1 problem/solution (5 Hidden Ways to Write a blog like a PRO)

There's a lot more but this will help you in the beginning.

Happy Blogging. 😃

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How to start a successful blog?

Hi @Prophet8


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Starting a successful blog can be an exciting journey. 😉 Here are some tips to help you along the way:


How to Start a Successful Blog [Free Checklist]


How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide


I hope this help you getting started,




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How to start a successful blog?

Thank you Diana