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How do you integrate videos into your long form content?

Hello everyone,

I've been working in digital marketing and content creation for a while now, and just beginning to deep dive into the world of video content creation. I've been practicing making screen recording tutorials as well as introductory videos filming me speaking, and have found that they have a much better response rate but the engagement rate varies greatly – and in ways that I'm not used to when working with text and image only. How do you go about creating a strategy for when to use videos and when to incorporate text as well as video? What is your general strategy and process in video creation? How do you find using these going for you in general in terms of time spent, conversion and reach?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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How do you integrate videos into your long form content?



Like yourself, I have been working through a range of digital marketing roles over the 6 years or so, and in my current role, have been creating more of a focus around video content.

For us currently, video content is primarily used to help existing customers better understand our range of products we offer, as well as offering tutorials that sits alongside our product user guides, as we have found more and more of our customers find it much easier to watch a video than read through a user guide, from the direct feedback we have received. 

I would say when to use video content comes down to what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve? I have found it helpful in the past to focus on what are we trying to help solve, and then within that particular problem could specific types of video work alongside our wider marketing strategy.

I recently came across the following Medium article that covered some great video marketing practices:
10 Best Video Marketing Practices and Resources | by Marie Ennis-O'Connor | Medium

The more you can use video to tell a story around your brand, the more effective it will be, from what I have seen from our more effective video content.  Also great to see more people taking up and doing more of their video content and creation in-house!