Content Marketing Study Group Roundup

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It’s been exactly one month since we launched this Content Marketing Study Group (woo!), and we’ve already seen so many great comments and ideas shared from our community of content marketers.


To make sure those comments don’t get lost, we wanted to round up a few of those amazing insights from this past month and share them in the video below. Check it out: 



Shout out to the following members for sharing:

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Really helpful insight for me as a newby to CM.


I love this!! Thanks so much for featuring my comment, I'm really glad people found it helpful. That's so funny I was just talking about pull quotes with our co-founder and how they can really add dimension to your post, and the dopamine hits are a great source for those for sure. Here's an example of one of our recent pull-out quotes (it's actually on my list to make these stand out more in our CMS). I also thought it was a good idea to include the little equations there too, another opportunity to change up the format. The image is linked to the full post in case this snippet is interesting, but wanted to show off the formatting mostly! 


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Love how you're experiment with the different formats @abbyfromcord, thanks for sharing!

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That was delighting😄 I enjoyed watching the video. All of those comments were insightful👍

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It's been a fun first month! Thanks to all study group members for your participation and helpful ideas!