Seeking assistance for custom side-panel call to action form button.

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Hello community,

my company / marketing  team has been utilizing the hubspot platform. So far I believe everything has worked out / had a solution. 


We had a request ( IT department ) from our marketing team  for the following type of call to action side panel:


( The


"Get help with the landing pages" ( Side panel pops out ) 


I was able to find some jquery based plugins which work fine, they call the element based on the ID assigned to the form/information.


( example of the plugin )


The "pop out" modal needs to be an actual hubspot form though which can filled out / submitted as normal. So I thought I'd be able to create the form then assign the ID, but i cannot do this in hub spot according to their support. ( It has pre-assigned css ID's for the classes ) 


does anyone have any experience / a solution for this? The only difficulty is really modaling the hubspot form, would I need to use some form of API calls in a custom written javascript file?


( any help is appreciated )




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All you need to do is replace any static code related to the form with a little piece of hubl for a dynamic form:

{% form "my_form" form_to_use='08bd9f0d-3be9-41c2-93b6-231a3a71b143', title='Free Trial' %}

You can find this in the HubL docs.


Notice the form to use attribute, you can replace this with a different form identifier which you find in the url when editing a form. 

You will have to adjust any css to target this form. You can use your browser inspector to check out the forms html. You can't use viewsource because the form is essentially javascript that has to processed by the browser to be visible.