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New Styles for Content Assistant (CA)!

Format Keeper Option | Usecase:Blogs & Email

  • Takes block of text
  • User Selects 1st "Keep format"
  • User Selects 2nd "Option" like rewrite, expand, Etc.
  • CA attemps to best comply with the transformation but maximizes retaining style, format, links, Etc.


Landing Page Aligner | Usecase: Email

  • Paste-in copy from a blogpost or landing page.
  • CA transforms it into short text with a headline, a few bullets points and a short concluding call to engagement (CTE).
  • Trys to intuit the key points of the LP/Blog and align with it.
  • Optionally |  Input URL and it pulls from there, gaining additional insights intuiting keywords from H1 header


Video Aligner | Usecase: Email & Blogs

  • Like LP Aligner but inputs Youtube URL (video, playlist or channel).
  • Digests transcript to create copy


Rewrite with Bullets | Usecase: Blogs & Email

  • CA transforms a block of text into a "summary with bullets"


Rewrite with Native Speaker | Use case | Email

  • For multi-National companies 
  • CA transforms a block of text so that it's written as if it's a native speaker
  • CA is Aware that because it was written by a non-native speaker it should look for odd uses of grammar, missing or misused idioms, Etc.


Email from Subject & Preview | Usecase Email

  • Writes draft email using only the Subject line and Preview
  • When Smart Subject lines are used
    • Creates smart content in the email based on the subject lines 


Headline Writer | Usecase: Blogs & Email

  • CA writes several possible headlines from selected text
  • CA inserts selected headline above block
    • Options for style ie., witty, funny, Etc.


Body Text Writer | Usecase: Blogs & Email

  • CA writes paragraph from selected headline
  • CA inserts selected text above headline
    • Options for style ie., witty, funny, Etc.


Emoji Diviner

  • CA analyzes any selected block of text
  • CA inserts 1 or more emojis with each "generation / regeneration"  
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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

New Styles for Content Assistant (CA)!

Incredible suggestions @HarryHawk-BKPR! Thank you! We'll see if we can make these happen! 


New Styles for Content Assistant (CA)!

Thanks 🙂 Always happy to brainstorm!!