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New Contributor
Joined May-2017
Posts: 2

Importing Contacts creates duplicate Company

Hi guys. It looks like a bug to me.

When I import the Contacts, it says

"I understand that companies may be automatically associated with contacts"

"If enabled in your account (most accounts are) contacts will be automatically associated with company records after an import by matching the email address of the contact to the company domain name on the company record."


I've tried to import a contact with exactly the same domain name as one of our existing Company records, but it created a new Company record (duplicate)... I tried to disable the automatic creation of the Company and indeed it did not create second Company when I tried to import second time, but it didn't associate the Contact with the Company.


Any ideas? Is it a bug or a missing feautre?


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Community Manager
Joined October-2016
Posts: 745

Re: Importing Contacts creates duplicate Company

Hi @WaldemarP could you please review this post and comment below if the issue persists: Duplicated imports on import.

Róisín Kirby (Ró)
HubSpot Community Manager
Did my post solve the issue? If so, please accept it as a solution!
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New Contributor
Joined May-2017
Posts: 2

Re: Importing Contacts creates duplicate Company

Hi Róisín,


If I read it correctly, your post describes how the companies are de-duplicated when you import companies and how contacts are de-duplicated when you import contacts.


My issues is different. Please have a read again.

Here is an example:

  1. The company XYZ already exist in HubSpot with Company Domain Name
  2. I import a Contact with email address
  3. My Contact John is not associated with the Company XYZ

If I turn on the setting "Automatically create and associate companies with contacts.", and try the above (for a different Company/Contact), it creates a new (duplicated) Company, instead of associating with existing company.


If you still struggle to reproduce it, I'm happy to create a quick video to demonstrate.


Thank you,


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