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Week 4: Building an Educational Content Strategy

In uncertain times it’s only natural to yearn for more information. Information about your health, your business, or how to survive in this new economy and world. Many people aren't looking to buy anything because of the uncertainty surrounding them, but they do need to figure out what they'll do when things become more certain--and are actively researching. Others are desperately in need of new solutions to help them adapt, and need education to understand their options because every dollar counts more than ever. 


While many people aren’t looking to buy, most are looking to learn. As businesses of all shapes and sizes look for ways to keep current and prospective customers engaged, the data shows that leading with education may be the right approach to take. No matter what size your company is, or what industry you’re in--believe it or not but you are an expert in something. People are hungry for that knowledge, and the only way they can get it right now is online. What does this mean for your business? It means online education is the key to success right now. We’ll show you how to make educational content the bedrock of your marketing and sales strategy to engage your customers and prospects. 


For more information on this week’s topic and to find resources to help you face these challenges, check out our main series page


Use this space to ask questions, share your feedback and connect with your peers around this topic! To get things started share your industry and your expertise below! What sort of content can you create that will inspire, and support, others?

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