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Week 3: Moving Online: Operating Effective Marketing & Sales Remotely

It has been one month since much of the United States and Europe were asked to practice social distancing by working remotely. Over the past few weeks, businesses have been working rapidly to get their teams up and running online. Installing Zoom, setting up Slack, and learning the appropriate protocols for digital communication inside of their business. Now that people are equipped with the right tools, leaders are asking the question: how can my team be productive? 


As a company that operates remotely in some capacity year round, HubSpot is uniquely positioned to provide expertise and tactical advice on the topic of remote team operations. Join us this week as we bring together marketing and sales leaders who operate highly effective remote teams to get their insight on this topic. 


For more information on this week’s topic and to find resources to help you face these challenges, check out our main series page


Use this space to ask questions, share your feedback and connect with your peers around this topic! To get things started, tell us what software you have most useful for being productive while working remotely. 


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Week 3: Moving Online: Operating Effective Marketing & Sales Remotely

Thanks for this conversation! 


We've found Zoom to be especially helpful for obvious reasons. As a company that was not remote before this, it's been an adjustment, but we are lucky to have access to this technology. 


Slack has enabled us to create channels for water cooler conversations and to discuss topics beyond strictly work conversations. It's important to remember to stay human during these times, and we've found that folding more casual conversations into slack has helped. Having them in separate channels also lets us keep some sense of organization and, I believe, helps with productivity. 


Curious to hear what others have to say! Would love to learn from y'all!