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[Feb 27 Webinar] Maximizing Sales in 2024

On Feb 27, HubSpot and elite solutions partner, New Breed, are hosting a sales-focused event for revenue leaders and sales professionals.


During this event, you'll learn about:

  1. The optimal process that can increase sales efficiency
  2. The 4 principles every revenue leader needs to know for 2024 to have a better chance at hitting your numbers
  3. How has increased efficiency by 50%, driving an increase in ASP and win rates through implementing these best practices.
  4. A quick look at some of the best tech to leverage

This event will be led by some of the leading experts in sales, such as Beau Brooks, VP of Sales at and Danae Ruiz, RevOps Specialist at New Breed who will both break down the top insights, approaches and tactics your team can adopt to help crush your numbers.


And to get you ready for the event, hear from Beau on the success his team is having in this video.


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