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Building your Sales & Marketing Automation Journey with HubSpot

We are organizing our final HubSpot Users Group event of the year on December 15 at 4 PM IST!


This time around we are bringing leaders from different organizations to share their automation journey with us. So get your questions ready on anything and everything related to sales & marketing automation. We are most likely to cover topics like:

  • How to bring about a change in the mindset of your organization/team when starting your automation journey
  • What skills/ team to build
  • Key do's and don'ts while starting out
  • How you can kick-off your sales or marketing automation with HubSpot
  • What is the impact your business may have because of this change

From discussing the challenges in developing an automation-first mindset to understanding what skills/teams to build, the discussion will throw light on how you too can start your automation journey today!


Come join us, as we regroup to kick-off the last HUG 2021 meetup with sales and marketing personnel from firms across and beyond New Delhi. 

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Building your Sales & Marketing Automation Journey with HubSpot

Thank you for sharing @abhinavsahai

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