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Boise's Q3 HUG Event: INBOUND In Review (Hybrid) | Sep 20 @ 3PM (MDT)



Boise's Q3 HUG Event: INBOUND In Review (Hybrid)

Boise HUG | Tuesday, September 20th | 3:00PM (MDT)

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About this event


Get ready to discuss all things INBOUND 2022!

This year we were able to send 7 Tribute Media staff members to Boston, MA for the 2022 INBOUND event put on by HubSpot! We have put together an amazing list of insights and ideas to share with you that we learned from the experts themselves. Join us September 20th, 3pm - 4:30pm. We promise you don't want to miss out on this one!😉


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We are still working out some of the details, but are excited to announce that we do have 3 HubSpot Partners interested in speaking at our event. We've narrowed the topic choices down to automation or reporting and are hoping that our speakers will be able to bring some great insight and tips for either option!


P.S Don't forget, we are now using our new events software Bevy! You will be prompted with a message when you register to connect your HubSpot account (Bevy is a secure and trusted platform and we promise it is safe to connect). If you don't already have a HubSpot account you are able to create one for free, and that will allow you to register for our events and join our HubSpot Community for the Boise HUG to stay in touch!







The HUG program helps customers connect and find a support group for topics that matter to them. It helps us solve for the community and in 2022 you will see that more than ever. Right now, it supports 150+ city-based user groups worldwide but we've ambitious plans to grow throughout 2022. This program serves to unite, educate and inspire customers with each other to help promote community-driven learning and development. 


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