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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

HubSpot Community Developer Show - Local Development Workflows with Mark Ryba and Doug Osborne

Mark Ryba of Smart Bug Media and Doug Osborne of Episilon sit down with Jon McLaren and me to explore developing front-end projects with a local development workflow.


If you liked what you were hearing at the beginning of the show, that was a fellow Community Developer, Christopher Mathieu's band, Phantom Suns. You can find that song and more here: .


If you have a killer song you would like us to feature, let us know!


SHOW NOTES: Mark's dart group: Style Fields in Beta: VS Code HubL linting in Beta: Updated Asset Marketplace: Beta for marketplace validation using the CLI: Doug's must have VSCode extensions: Prettier - (we also have a commit hook that enforces prettier formatting) Jira - (helps quickly make tickets on the fly, keys off of “TODO:” lines in your code where applicable) Atom One Dark Theme - (Long time Atom user, I got used to the colors 🤷‍♂️) Mark's must have extensions: HS Extension - Jinja - Twig - Vetur - Autoprefixer - Beautify - Compare Folders - Mainly used for comparing modules and child/parent theme folders GitHub Pull Requests and Issues - LiveServer - Rarely used anymore, mostly for HTML emails before adding HubL tokens