The HubSpot Community Developer Show - Episode 1 - Accessibility with Jon Sasala of Morey Creative

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey friends!

Our first podcast is in the books! Although I was nervous as heck, it was a blast getting to spend time with some people who really know their stuff when it comes to accessibility.
@JonSasala1  was the perfect complement in style to mine which apparently involves looking at the corner of my screen. Note to self, need to work on looking at or near the camera on occasion.
And if Jon wasn't enough, I had the honor of hearing both @TScales  and @jmclaren  of HubSpot really drive it home.

As promised here are the show notes!

The WebAIM Million Report

Statistics on accessibility web-wide.

HubSpot Developer Documentation on accessibility

This guide was written to be a good starting point for those starting to learn about accessibility.

Deque courses and axe tools

Popular accessibility testing tools and educational information.

HubSpot theme boilerplate GitHub repository

Start from a foundation that HubSpot and community members continue to iterate on improving accessibility, performance, and best practices. Feel something could be better? contribute!

HubL menu() function

Build your own menu HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

The industry standards for digital accessibility.

Deque - Coding Accessible SVGs 

the comprehensive screen reader test mentioned by Tanya during the podcast - re: Stefan’s question

IAAP - International Association of Accessibility Professionals

Referenced during podcast for Tanya’s credentials - for more information on this org and certifications

Web A11y Slack workspace (not HubSpot)

The #accessibility channel in our HubSpot Developer Slack.

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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Who is john cesaro?! Can I volunteer to jump in there and clean up the video captions, for accessibility?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Yikes!  I thought I must have missed that ☹️.  Will go back through and do a better job cleaning it up.  Thanks for catching it @Jon_Sasala 



I'm excited about this important (digital) accessibility topic as an accessible website gives access to information and interaction for many people with disabilities. Many thanks for sharing your experiences. Progress comes from sharing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@pietergoyens ,

Thank you!  I was fortunate to be surrounded by  people who really are passionate about this topic!  If you have ideas or questions regarding this topic, please add them here to discuss!


Fantastic content, thanks!


Great show! I would really love to hear you talk about API v3.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jacob02 ,

Thanks 🤗!  Anything specific about the API?




Maybe for a start, general syntactical changes compared to v1 and v2.


For me as a customer, it would also be very interesting to see how to upgrade quickly and efficiently.
In this context, you could briefly discuss the changes made in the client libraries (preferably PHP :P).


As a bonus, I would also very much appreciate it if you could elaborate on the possibilities and especially the limitations of the API for custom objects.

Edit: Just read it again and realised that this might be too specific for a podcast.
If you'd rather keep it more general, you could cover why HubSpot needs a new API and why companies should use it 🙂