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    • We use HubSpot Commerce and Stripe is our payment provider. We want to update user account status on our internal admin tool based on their payment status. For exmple: if the payment failed, I need to send that to our internal admin tool so we can pause their account. How can I see the statuses hubspot and stripe use so we can map to them? ...Leer más
    • Hi everyone, Right now, I'm setting up Hubspot and I would like to start with the import of Data. However, there is one snag that I don't know how to solve. The company works with different categories of clients (e.g. resellers, distributors, etc.) and each of them have a different price list. Is it possible to assign each price list to a category via a workflow or through fields within the line products? Hope you could help me out or think ...Leer más
    • In our sales team, we want certain people to be informed when a quote is published, and to set up automation reminders from the publication moment. But, when I look in automations, there seems to be no Status = Published. Am I missing where to search for this, or is there another way to achieve this? ...Leer más
    • Hello, We have a complex customised quoting process which is better done offline than directly on HubSpot. However, our sales team would like to see a record of the quotes they have sent to clients to track how the deal amount has evolved. They do keep updating the deal amount when the quote changes but it doesn't give a very user-friendly summary of the changes. Is there a way to record offline quotes and use the same archive mechanism offe ...Leer más
    • Is there a way to force users to complete payment before they are marked as registered? I have a form with information about the event and basic RSVP info, then at the bottom the button says Complete Payment, but if someone clicks that but doesn't complete payment, it still marks them as registered for the event. What am I missing? I am new to HubSpot, so please go easy on me. ...Leer más

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JWarren7 en Julio 22, 2024
In this post, I'm going to walk through how to generate a payable Quote via the HubSpot API. This is powerful feature allows users to programmatically generate payable artifacts in HubSpot. For the exact documentation, be sure to check out our Leer más
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McBainKD en Julio 22, 2024
Hey all, Our risk team has an issue with us just using a public URL that theoretically anyone can access with the Quotes we're sending out, so I was wondering if there's a way to "restrict" them in a sense "ie. require a specific email address t Leer más
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AMular en Julio 22, 2024
We have multiple forms that are set up with payments, so that when they are submitted they redirect to a HubSpot payment link. We also have workflows set to trigger off of submissions in those forms and successful payment on that payment link. O Leer más
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Julio 22, 2024
AKov en Julio 19, 2024
I need to create a workflow that is triggered when a product is purchased via a payment link. For example, client is sent payment link for product. Client purchases the product via the link and then the workflow begins. Basically I need a post Leer más
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Julio 22, 2024
I have multiple products that cost the same. Let's say I have two products cheese and the second product eggs they both cost 2.99 how can I trigger ...Leer más
vna66 en Julio 18, 2024
Hi, i created Stripe account via HubSpot integration. Account was verified by Stripe, hovewer it's a test mode only account. Stripe support says it's API created account, so it has to be solved by HubSpot. (Screen attached) How should i fix this? Leer más
Administrador de la comunidad
Julio 18, 2024
Hey @vna66 , thank you for reaching out. To resolve your Stripe account being in test mode, first, log in to your Stripe dashboard and ensu...Leer más
SLester en Julio 17, 2024
I am trying to use Hubspot payment link for my B2B customers and noticed the footer below although we do have a paid susbcription. Can someone help provide me guidance (even if I have to edit the template" as to how to remove it. It makes sense to o Leer más
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3 Respuestas
Julio 22, 2024
Thank you for your quick response. While I understand this decision comes from higher management, it’s important to convey that this is a critical is...Leer más