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    • I'm working with a client who is in need of some kind of invoice automation. I know there are subscriptions that auto draft from clients each month. However, some bigger clients aren't able to sign up for an auto pay situation because they have a whole invoicing process that just doesn't allow them to do that. Has anyone found a good way to set up an automated invoice each month via a workflow or something to help with this? more
    • We want to be able to have a location field for people to type in where they are located and that will determine the phone number we suggest they call for customer support since we have quite a few. What would be the best way to do this? more
    • We often receive requests for supply-limited payment gateways; think of a landing page that only lets customers checkout “while supplies list.” While we don’t yet offer this as an out-of-the-box functionality, you can absolutely accomplish this with Ops Hub Professional and Custom Objects. Take a look at the video below to learn how to automatically “sunset” a specific payment link after a certain number of successful checkouts. more
    • I have a sales hub professional seat, and I am trying to customize a Quote Template and add specific line items necessary in my quote. I can't seem to figure out a way to do this in the customization area. I need upwards of 15 different line items, so adding each individual line item every time is not intuitive or efficient. Any advice? more
    • Hey everyone! Welcome to the Commerce Community! This is your go-to space for everything Commerce in HubSpot, brought to you by the Commerce Hub product team. Commerce Hub is here to help you save time, get paid faster, and boost your revenue. We created this community to keep you updated on our product, share tips on setting up your billing tools, and provide a place to learn from each other. Here’s what you can expect from our diff more

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FruitfulRevenue on June 24, 2024
If a contact record is created via HubSpot form, I can see what website pages they visited leading up to the conversion. If I have an external shopping cart integrated with HubSpot, and the contact converts on the WooCommerce or Shopify form, the co read more
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DG14642 on June 19, 2024
Hello Community, I am currently implementing the new tool, "Collect Payments for Scheduling." However, I'm facing an issue with turning on the activation button. Please refer to the screenshot below for clarification. Could anyone provide read more
Community Manager
June 20, 2024
Hi @DG14642 , Thanks for reaching out to the Community! If you have HubSpot or Stripe payment processing set up, could you please more
PSpencer on June 18, 2024
Hi, I need some help getting products on my web pages. I have successfully setup my payment link, I have configured my account settings, and even setup the “physical goods” onboarding experience. I then setup a product (and a line item, though I mus read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 18, 2024
@PSpencer this depends greatly on the theme and module you're using to create your website, but a button link should be able to be changed more
MariZanchetta on June 17, 2024
Hi, I'm using Stripe + Hubspot to sell tickets to an event. I would like to track on GA4 the clicks on the payment link, when the user starts the checkout process, and also the final click to make the purchase. Does anyone know how to do th read more
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June 18, 2024
Hi @DianaGomez , thanks for your response. Will have a look into it. I meant more like being able to create Events and Key Events to track the more
NSmith67 on June 14, 2024
I am a 3d artist and my field is arch viz. My business revolves around supplying real estate developers and realtors with renders and visuals that would showcase their properties that they are selling. My pricing is subscriptions based. I was think read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 14, 2024
Hi @NSmith67 I haven't heard anything about Stripe withholding funds related specifically to HubSpot and they have fraud measures in place you more
LPitcher5 on June 11, 2024
I'm working with a client who is in need of some kind of invoice automation. I know there are subscriptions that auto draft from clients each month. However, some bigger clients aren't able to sign up for an auto pay situation because they have read more
June 14, 2024
Hi, For automating invoices, you can explore using workflow automation or integrating with invoicing software that supports scheduled invoicing. more