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    • Hi HubSpotters, Does anyone know if it's possible to batch pay either quotes or invoices? For example, we may send one of ou B2B customers 30 invoices in a month. Is there a way to pay all of these in one go, or does each quote/invoice link need to be opened and paid through HubSpot payments? Thanks! more
    • We are considering Synchrony Financial to provide financing terms for our customer's purchases. However, it seems there are no companies in this arena that integrate with HubSpot (HS Payments). Looking for options. more
    • I cant seem to find this but is there a place where I can add another person to receive the email notifications when we have a payout coming from hubspot to our bank? more
    • Hi, I am going to migrate my website and I want to intergrate an online way to pay for my goods. What is the best way to go about it? My website. TIA Nick more
    • Hi community, We are a non-profit organization, and I would like to create a list of contacts based on the cumulative amount of donations (transactions) in euros they made over a given period. For example, all the contacts who have given less than 100€ over the last year. Could you help me with this ? Thank you very much, more

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Kellbell on February 06, 2024
Hi, I've created two invoices and they have the same default name. I can't see a way to edit the name? Please help!
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5 Replies
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
February 13, 2024
Hey @Kellbell In that case, you must check HubSpot invoice numbers don't overlap with invoice numbers in your accounting system, HubSpot more
JyoteshG on February 03, 2024
Over the time I am getting a huge demand from my clients for E-commerce store on HubSpot. As it is a newly added feature of Hubspot I would like to know more about this from my fellow community members. What are your top recommendations for impro read more
3 Replies
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
February 05, 2024
Thanks for the tag @PamCotton , excellent feedback from @danmoyle as always. @JyoteshG I don't have a specific example for ecommerce more
EAmoroso on January 27, 2024
We have a coaching membership model and some members will start out with a more expensive subscription, then downgrade. We need the ability to end one subscription level and start another on the next billing date without losing subscription history. read more
February 05, 2024
Hii Where are you from I need a help
RHenderson2 on January 18, 2024
Hi, We currently embed our store (Ecwid) into a HubSpot hosted webpage. We are very happy with this layout. The issue is that the individual products are not crawled by google. We have submitted sitemaps in google search console. Has anyone com read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
January 23, 2024
Hi Pam, Thank you again for your cotinued support. I ran into a few issues. Ecwid does not allow adding custom meta tags into their head code. more
Megiddo on January 17, 2024
I just signed up and sent a test email to myself (a different email address) I would like to find the ip address of the person (myself) who received the email. Where would I look?
0 upvote
2 Replies
January 18, 2024
Ok that sounds good enough for me but where do I look to find the geo location data? Bill
LiveOcean on January 16, 2024
Hi, We already use Stripe and would love for additional currencies like NZD to be supported so we can use the payment gateway fuctionality and have donation information flowing directly into HubSpot. As a non-profit in New Zealand who migrated ove read more
Community Manager
January 17, 2024
Hi @LiveOcean , Thank you for asking the Community and for your valuable feedback @LiveOcean ! For new feature suggestions, I'd recommend more