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Separating out Refund permission settings

We have users on our team who need to view and send receipts, but we don't want those users to have the ability to issue refunds. These two actions seem to be tied to the same permission set. It would be great if those were two different settings. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Separating out Refund permission settings

Hello @PEvans405,


Thank you for your query.


It's accurate that this permission covers both options. As a result, I suggest that you consider supporting the idea I've put forth by casting your vote. This approach eliminates the need for an additional step on your part. Separate the "Send receipts permission" from the ability to issue refunds.


The more votes it gathers, the greater the likelihood that our product team will review it. Furthermore, by voting for the idea, you will receive all updates from the product team regarding this matter.


Best regards,


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