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Recording time spent for Invoice production

Is it possible to record time spent in 6 minute increments with dollar value that will then translate through to an invoice being created with the time spent in a certain billing period?

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Recording time spent for Invoice production

Hey @FHawkes - welcome to the HubSpot Community. 


Interesting question. At first glance, as a HubSpot user of 14 years, my answer is no, HubSpot isn't built to do exactly what you're asking. There isn't a timer functionality in any of the tools as you describe. 


however, I think about customizing HubSpot with Custom Objects (like an object for "Jobs"), custom properties (like "work started" and "work stopped") and calculated properties (like "time between Wordk Started and Work Stopped") and I wonder if maybe it's something you could build. 


You might be able to take these customizations, and build an invoice-based workflow that triggers when the custom object of Jobs is moved to a pipeline stage of "Complete." It would also probably take some customization of the invoice properties, but I think it's feasible. 


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Recording time spent for Invoice production

Hey @FHawkes, thank you for posting in our Community!


HubSpot allows you to track time spent on various tasks and projects using its "Tasks" feature. You can create tasks for different activities and log the time spent on each task manually. You can also streamline your invoicing process by setting up workflows to automatically generate invoices based on predefined criteria, such as billing periods or project completion.


I want to invite our top experts @danmoyle, @Josh, and @TrevorJohnson do you have any recommendations for @FHawkes?


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