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Connect Several Stripe Accounts

Has anyone identified a way to connect Hubspot to Multiple Stripe Instances? My customers always have several legal entities from which they need to bill from.
Any existing app in the marketplace I can use to connect several stripes account and use the commerce hub?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Connect Several Stripe Accounts

Hi @JeremyV, I hope that you are well!

Thank you for asking the Community!

On this article "Connect your Stripe account as a payment processor in HubSpot", I see that each Stripe account can only be connected to one HubSpot account. This is to ensure consistency of financial data between the two accounts.

Also, I’ve noticed a similar idea already present in our Ideas Forum: Ability to connect multiple stripe accounts to portal. To contribute, you can upvote the existing idea and share more details about your specific use case in the comments.

I'd like to invite some of our Top Experts to this conversation: Hi @HubDoPete, @himanshurauthan and @Shadab_Khan do you know of any third-party integrations that would help @JeremyV, please?

Thank you so much and have a brilliant day!


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