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Check request form dashboard / payments.

Hello. I would appreciate any advice on how best to implement a check request form dashboard.


I need the manager of a vehicle financing company to be able to view status of requests (w /remaining requirements), authorize payments, [..and initiate payment, if possible!]


Thank you for any input!


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Community Manager

Check request form dashboard / payments.

Hi @ryandrive


This is an interesting use case, thank you for posting!

I am, however, wondering if a HubSpot form is the best tool to manage a request status. A custom ticket pipeline could work better in your case! You could customize the ticket statuses to make sure they mirror your usual approval/request process. Is this something you have already considered? 


I'd also be happy to invite a couple of subject matter experts to this conversation to get their input. Could you share more about your goal and how the request process would ideally look like in HubSpot? 

  • Will the manager of a vehicle financing company be the only one submitting/managing the dashboard or should the customer have access too? 
  • Aside from the request status, which information should the dashboard contain?



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Check request form dashboard / payments.

Thank you for your reply.