Empty activity screen

We've started seeing several instances where there's no activity reported under Page Views and Events, despite there being entries in Clearbit. We know this because we get the Slack message with the pages visited by a company but when we open that record in Clearbit the screen shows no activity.

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Empty activity screen

Hi @psalvado


We apprecaite you reaching out to the Community!


To best assist you with this request, as it requires reviewing your Clearbit instance, I recommend reaching out to the Support team directly at


In general, it may help to know that the Cleabit Tag tracks Activity at the Company level. In order to have page activity associated with People, additional identifying information (eg. the email address) needs to be captured from the visitor. Typically the way this is done is if you are using Clearbit's Forms integration, which has a built in Identify Call when a form is submitted. 


Here are some resoures that may help: 

- What is an Identify Call 

Getting Started with HubSpot forms


Hope this helps! 

- mannyest

- mannyestevez