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AChagolla on April 23, 2024
Hi, I'm in the ai chatbot beta and would like to suggest the following: Allow for the ability to sync additional knowledge bases after the initial setup is complete. I synced 1 of 2 for testing purposes but it appears that you can't do this read more
1 Reply
Community Manager
April 24, 2024
Hi @AChagolla , Thank you for this feedback regarding, we really appreciate it. I will share it with our product team for it to more
AONeal on April 01, 2024
How do I Remove the Pro Jump Jones after my name in the from box??
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
April 07, 2024
Hi @AONeal I'm not able to recreate the behavior where the company name is pulling into the 'from' user info when sending an email - can you more
RGeiger on February 09, 2024
We are having difficulty getting chatspot to provide concise email text. Chatspot returns very long emails even when prompted to be concise or to limit the email by word count. I would love any insight you might be able to provide. The emails gen read more
February 09, 2024
Thank you. I was hoping other users might be willing to share some tips and tricks to limit the size of the output for emails; from their more
DStock on November 10, 2023
how do i get updates to my email using an ionus email supplied address anyone please ?
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Community Manager
November 10, 2023
Hello @DStock , could you please provide more details about what you are trying to achieve? Which notifications are you referring to? Are you more
rrcorgan on October 30, 2023
Heyyo! My team and I are excited to dig more into ChatSpot, particularly as it seems HubSpot's positioning it more and more as an all-in-one content creation tool: We're it read more
April 12, 2024
tldr: it's not private. We cannot use this great tool unless its a closed system. I am pretty sure many companies are using it without realizing the more
rrcorgan on October 10, 2023
Hey ChatSpot community! Marketing writer and aspiring prompt engineer checking in ✌️ I’ve been tinkering with ways to get decent starter content out of ChatSpot to help streamline and standardize my writing process, and I think I’m figuring out read more
HubSpot Employee
April 04, 2024
Hi Rebecca! I'm a PM working on ChatSpot templates and saw your message about prompt engineering here: more
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