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CatySmart on March 30, 2023
Hi All, Maybe this is the wrong platform for this, but would love to know about others experience while using this beta in general. I was notified that I had received access to the private beta weeks ago, but naturally, only now have time read more
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KKononenko on March 28, 2023
Hi folks, I wanted to share a use case that we are trying to use ChatSpot for and see if I am doing something wrong. Problem During our sales meetings, the discussion can be fast-paced and many updates to HubSpot CRM need to be made. It's har read more
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March 30, 2023
Good idea! Maybe that is a simpler solution all around. Will look into that.
Arun_Opto22 on March 23, 2023
I've read about the two new Hubspot AI tools that are in beta - Content Assistant and ChatSpot AI. They are interesting and we'll be looking into them. I work more on the CRM side of Hubspot (our Marketing Manager and her team handles the Mar read more
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March 25, 2023
Hi, HubSpot has predictive scoring powered by machine learning if you have Marketing Hub Enterprise or Sales Hub Enterprise: more
FredVi on March 23, 2023
Hi, How does ChatSpot handle my HubSpot data if I connect to it and use it? Is any of the data saved and/or used to train the model? Thanks!
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PaulLimb on March 23, 2023
Hi all, I've just watched Dharmesh's video explainer / intro to this brilliant addition to Hubspot. Dharmesh, fab video, easy to understand and I can't wait to get started. Already written my first blog post on the back of it 🙂 Pa read more
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Community Manager
March 29, 2023
Hi @PaulLimb ! That's amazing you already started using ChatSpot! Thank you for sharing with us. Kindly, Pam
fpondrano on March 20, 2023
Hello, I was testing out the recently added "company discover" prompts (grat feature!!!) 😍 I.e. : show me companies in Italy that use Hubspot show me companies that are built on Hubspot in Pisa , Italy Is there a way to get more read more
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