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kvlschaefer le Juillet 24, 2023
Welcome to the ChatSpot community group! Thank you for participating and for being a part of this community. My name is Kristen Schaefer and I’m a Community Manager here at HubSpot. We are excited to have you here! If you are new to HubS Lire la suite
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rrcorgan le Octobre 30, 2023
Heyyo! My team and I are excited to dig more into ChatSpot, particularly as it seems HubSpot's positioning it more and more as an all-in-one content creation tool: We're it Lire la suite
Gestionnaire de communauté
Octobre 31, 2023 09:39
Hi @rrcorgan , Thanks for your patience while I was looking into this. The official reference material for ChatSpot privacy is available he...Lire la suite
rrcorgan le Octobre 10, 2023
Hey ChatSpot community! Marketing writer and aspiring prompt engineer checking in ✌️ I’ve been tinkering with ways to get decent starter content out of ChatSpot to help streamline and standardize my writing process, and I think I’m figuring out Lire la suite
Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Octobre 30, 2023 22:13
awesome, thanks for sharing the blog @rrcorgan , definitely going to do some testing as well!
LDebbaut2 le Septembre 22, 2023
Hi everybody, I'm Laura working as content marketeer with Elixir in Brussels. After INBOUD23 i saw that HubSpot is heavly investing in integrating AI-Tools into the HubSpot experience. As a partner we were really curious how this would play out Lire la suite
Gestionnaire de communauté
Octobre 02, 2023 03:33
Hi @LDebbaut2 , This is exciting! 😄 Thanks for sharing this demo with the ChatSpot Community Group! Cheers, Kristen
EParzek le Septembre 15, 2023
Hello! I am really excited about the promise of ChatSpot, though it doesn't quite meet my needs or impress me yet, I know its still in development. So I have an idea for how ChatSpot could be VERY useful to me. The other day someone asked me to Lire la suite
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Leader d'opinion | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Septembre 15, 2023 16:36
@EParzek ah, so your website is in WP, but your landing pages are in HubSpot? then global search in HubSpot would still work to find the content th...Lire la suite
kvlschaefer le Août 15, 2023
Hey ChatSpot Community Group, Have you noticed that ChatSpot has a new look? Chat and Templates are now divided into two separate panels allowing you to focus more on chat inputs and outputs and to browse through our template library. I Lire la suite
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kvlschaefer le Août 10, 2023
Are you looking for the latest updates to Each Tuesday, I’ll share a summary of the latest updates and improvements, and features the ChatSpot team has been working. Keep an eye out for the updates in this Community gr Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Août 18, 2023 03:28
Hi @Munasiras ! I love your enthusiasm! 😄 Thanks for sharing with the community group! Which discovery have you made lately in C...Lire la suite
KSieverts le Juin 29, 2023
Hey! I was just testing out some prompts to see what's possible and what's not and I noticed some issues with the results it was giving me. I asked how many contacts in the system there were with contact owner = myself (There are 5). Instead o Lire la suite
2 Mentions J'aime
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Octobre 06, 2023 16:09
Giving an inaccuracy rather than "lying" is far better , I'm hoping things will soon start to improve ,
FredVi le Mars 23, 2023
Hi, How does ChatSpot handle my HubSpot data if I connect to it and use it? Is any of the data saved and/or used to train the model? Thanks!
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HarryHawk-BKPR le Mars 20, 2023
I was able to run some of the reports when I first gained access to ChatSpot but I haven't been able to run anything notible recently. I have tried un-connectring and reconnecting multiple times.. but I still get the "reconnect" error. Does it mea Lire la suite
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Mars 28, 2023 11:43
Still seeing this issue.. I'd love to know if this is a bug bug, or just something with our setup/permissions.
MPowellCDN le Mars 17, 2023
I signed up and was approved to use ChatSpot with a company email address which is not hosted by Google. I don't want to sign in with my personal Google email and connect my company HubSpot account. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
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Mars 22, 2023 09:25
Yes, I’ve had the same issue. Logged as an issue but no response yet.
cgeissendoerfer le Mars 16, 2023
The first step of discovery, and I'm having challenges to create an active list. 🙂 how many contacts do we have which we did engage within the last 12 months? Sorry, had trouble understanding what to g Lire la suite
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1 Réponse
Mars 16, 2023 03:55
Hi, I have asked ChatSpot if it was able to do that and the response is negative: me: can you create an active list? CS: I am unable to create ...Lire la suite
jaylenbledsoe le Mars 15, 2023
Starting last night, I started getting "something went wrong" as a response to every inquiry, and that simply became no response. Even for basic things such as "how many contacts are there?" Is anyone else seeing this issue?
2 Mentions J'aime
6 Réponses
Mai 17, 2023 07:02
I had the same and tried to disconnect and reconnect my HubSpot account but i get the following error when I try to reconnect Internal Server Error ...Lire la suite
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