Day-to-day practical application recipes for ChatSpot

Hello everyone,
I would like to start a thread to share practical application recipes of ChatSpot for daily HubSpot operation.

I begin with an activity that I have found useful:

Enrich an existing company's data

  1. HS: Get the company domain name
  2. CS: research company <company domain name>
  3. Check if the result is correct
  4. CS: Add to HubSpot
  5. CS: View in HubSpot
  6. HS: merge the company with the already existing one


  • It is possible to research a company by company name with the prompt research company <company name>
  • If the company does not exist yet in HS: research by the contact's email domain, add to HubSpot and then associate contacts with the newly created company.

Important note:

I did some additional tests and the company data is taken from the HubSpot Insights database, the fields are not populated with the values presented by ChatSpot.

So, in order to work properly, this recipe requires that the Fill company properties using HubSpot Insights database option is checked under Settings > Objects > Companies (

If this option is not selected, the company is created with just the domain name and all other properties are blank.

I hope this could be useful and I'm looking forward to see yours recipies!

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Day-to-day practical application recipes for ChatSpot

This is really awesome as I'm new here. I would need more profound knowledge if possible. 


Day-to-day practical application recipes for ChatSpot

hi, I find it interesting to apply these practices in the company

Community Manager
Community Manager

Day-to-day practical application recipes for ChatSpot

Hi @fpondrano, hope you are doing well!


Thanks for sharing 😊

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