Videos aren't loading well

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Hey, I am watching the academy videos for inboudn marketing & they keep buffering or loading extremely slow.


I have cleared my browser cookies & cache & reloaded and all that and I'm on 75mbps download so they should be loading fine - so y'all might wanna check that out. Smiley Happy

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Academy Team

Hi there @Elliottus!


Our HubSpot Academy courses and certifications contain great videos to further enhance your inbound marketing expertise. However, if you encounter any loading or playback issues while watching these videos, please follow the troubleshooting steps here:

  • First, try closing your browser, opening it again, and navigating to the page.

  • If you are still experiencing issues, try clearing your browser cache. If you aren't sure how to do this, please follow the instructions here.

  • If you are using adblock, this could potentially prevent videos from playing. Try disabling adblock on your browser and then restarting the browser.

  • If the video is playing intermittently, decrease the quality by clicking the settings wheel to help it stream faster.

  • Occasionally, certain plugins will cause video playback errors. Try disabling any enabled plugins one by one.

  • If none of these work please try loading the videos on another network or off wi-fi on your mobile device.

Here is a related knowledge article to help you out!