calling features & IPhone

hi team,

wondering if anyone is experiencing similar issues / have come up with solutions.


Our workforce currently use IPhones accross the team.


1/2 of our team are office based, and use DialPad for call logging and recording, which they are connected and calling from their computers.


The oth 1/2 are on the road, and are loading a contact from hubspot app, and pressing the 'call' button at the top of the contact.


The issues is, on the iphone, the team member is unable to 'choose' which app to call from, and only able to call from the cellular number associated with the phone.


would the 'sales pro' tool help in this instance instead of DialPad for these mobile users?



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calling features & IPhone

Hi @Ace123,


Thanks for reaching out!


I wanted to share some information on calling from the mobile app: calls made from the mobile app are made via your cell phone provider. The option to make calls via HubSpot Sales Calling Voip is not available since 2019 as mentioned here


Would you be able to please elaborate more on this sales pro tool? Do you have a link to the help document so we can take a look? The more information you can provide, the better the community can assist with suggestions 🙂


Thank you,



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