why did I migrate to Hubspot and not stay with Zoho

I am regretting recommending to my boss that we move to Hubspot from Zoho. No de duplication unless you pay a third party app company, No immediate phone support, and no reporting. these are by far the MOST important CRM tools needed. Feeling like I wasted a considerable amount of time doing this migration and now won't be able to talk my boss into going back. unbelievable!  why did I do this? considering going back someway somehow unless Hubspot can verify they are going to fix these major issues?

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why did I migrate to Hubspot and not stay with Zoho

Hi @chilemeyer ,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I am interested in finding out more though.


Yes, unless you pay, there's no "remove duplicates" functionality. However, the native Hubspot system is clever enough to recognise when the same email is used. This means that once the email is in the database, it won't duplicate it, so there wouldn't be a need to deduplicate in the first place. Please, elaborate on the requirements.


What are your reporting requirements? You're right that you cannot create custom reports, however, there are a lot of built-in reports that you can use and still have a view of how your sales and marketing channels are performing.


As to the phone support, with the starter package it's only online. The community is a great resource for ideas and implementations though and the squad is quite responsive.


I hope that helps,


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