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I have built into Hubspot my standard sales path - initial contact, scheduling, follow up, etc.  However, after my initial meetings I will sometimes change my objective with a customer based on their needs.  For customer A, i want to send them along the one time purchase option, and for customer B based on their needs I want to sell them a subscription service.  Customer C, I am hoping to enroll in a separate service we offer.  How can I measure my progress against a forking sales process where one size doesn't fit all?

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Hi @napeagueadvinc ,


Typically with these types of situations, we would recommend the use if different pipelines. That will improve your ability to report and track, more accurately forecast, and follow a process depending on fit. 


Note, additional deal pipelines are available in Professional and Enterprise.



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@napeagueadvinc The suggestion @Josh made is the BEST. If you dont have those subscriptions then why not add a custom property and insert the pathname via a dropdown.