poor performance when writing email or note


Is it only me or email composing/creating a note in a contact/deal view has some performance issues? I'm using the latest Chrome on Windows 10.


When I try to write some email or note (in the central view of the contact/deal), then each key press causes a browser to freeze. When I type a little faster, then the text appears after a few seconds.


Using dev tools (F12) I see that there's a lot of "forced layout recalc" JS events that can last even 250 ms on each key press.

I think I see this problem when there are more activities on a contact/deal already present. When there's a little activity, then I think it works much better.


Adding a new email or a note from the "popup" window is working correctly.


Any ideas what may be causing those slow-downs?

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Hi @kzmorzynski,


Is this issue occurring across multiple browsers as well as after clearing your cache and cookies? 


I would also be curious if it occurs across multiple internet connections.




Hi @jennysowyrda 


sorry for late reply, didn't see your answer 😞


I checked that in newest Chrome in "incognito mode" the problem is the same as in "regular" chrome tab, but in Firefox in "incognito mode" the problem is less visible: the responsiveness of keystrokes is much better in FF than in Chrome. There is still, however, a slight delay in FF but that's something I can live with 🙂


So it looks like the problem is mainly related to Chrome and to contacts/deals with already some activities.


I did some profile recording in chrome and I could send it to you (private message), but first here's the screenshot of what's going on.




You can see a bunch of keypress events (that's me writing a email) that each one of them takes about 300 ms because of:


Event: textInput - Handler took 300.60 ms
Layout - Total Time 263.35 ms
Hope this helps,
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I guess that's what happens when they try to replicate in JS even basic functions that the browser and OS should provide "for free" incl. font rendering and layout. I'm really not an expert though, there are probably good(?) reasons to do it this way. But for sure, a simple native text input box wouldn't have any of these problems.


Personally, I'd prefer a plain text input box and type Markdown when I really need formatting.


I think it might be React to blame, not the browser directly. It looks to me, that React forces browser to do layout each time key is pressed.

When writing new email from popup window, everything works fine.


Hopefully, Hubspot will be able to determine the problem...