phone numbers failed to import


Hi there,

 when imported contacts as .csv file,  the phone fields were not imported. can help me troubleshoot? tried a few imports and couldn't solve it.


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Hi @Smarmoveup ,

  Let's take a look! To start, can you confirm that these phone numbers are formatted to include the country/area codes? Additionally, the following characters that are commonly found in phone numbers can also be used: + - ( ) . x
  Feel free to remove any unsupported characters, update the formatting if needed, and re attempt your import from here! If any issues persist from here please let us know!

Kevin Campbell
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@Smarmoveup , that's no fun!


The first place I look is the error file. HubSpot does a pretty good job of making readable error files for their imports. 


What did the error file on the import tell you about the phone number data?