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Good Morning I am trying to IMPORT data from Contacts, Companies and Observations AND I AM NOT GETTING IT. First, my spreadsheets have a common header called ACCOUNT ID. The same Account ID for Contacts and Account ID for Business. However, when I try to import I use the common header in the two ACCOUNT ID worksheets and select the COMPANY as the owner of that exclusive object. However, when I click forward, Hubspot accuses me that there is no unique identifier and asks me to assign a property to the Account ID field that I had defined to be the unique identifier of these two spreadsheets. I hope it makes sense, please help me.

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Hi @BRabenschlag5,


Could you share a screenshot of the column headers of the files that you're trying to import? Ideally a couple of rows of records, blurring/pixelating any confidential information.


I've recently detailed the steps for importing and associating multiple objects in another post, maybe they can help. Also this knowledgebase article form HubSpot has sample files for reference.


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