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Anyone know how to import correct contacts to corresponding company. just exported from pipedrive, and want to test Hubspot. but the import of contact process is just stupid, not all of my contacts have the same domain name in their email address. then i cant import or neither use hubspot right now. i have several thousands contacts i manually need to add.... not good. if anyone has a good idea how to overcome this, then tell me. Hubspot should have done this long time ago. All other CRM systems i know is much better than this.. reconsidering to go back to my previous system now..

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Hi, @noble!

As a contrary to the manual entry, try out an automated service Data2CRM. The tool allows you to import contacts with different domain names in the email adresses from Pipedrive to HubSpot CRM. It also gives an opportunity to map the fields you are transferring and has a free Demo you can run anytime. 

Hope my answer will help you!

P.S. As for me, HubSpot CRM is a great choice for your business. 

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Yes, there is a good workaround you can use to link contacts to the company by any field, such as “name” or “ID” - or, even by custom fields that you choose, you don't have to use domain name/email.  It involves using a third party tool Import2 Wizard.


The solution for a case like this discussed here: